907 Florence Avenue
East McKeesport, PA 15035

Public Works Department

Public Works Foreman:
Nick Bernhardy - 412-824-3550

East McKeesport Public Works Department performs many tasks. Main responsibilities include keeping borough buildings, parks, and other properties clean and neat in appearance. The department operates with 3 vehicles (2002 Ford pick-up, 2007 Ford dump truck, and a 2012 Ford dump truck). Also a Bobcat skid-loader was purchased in 2008.

In the fall season leaf cleanup is done to keep the streets clean and free of debris. Also, prep work is done for winter. Snow removal during the winter to allow safe travel for children attending school and people going to work.

The borough garage is located at the end of Melrose Avenue (near Ice Plant Hill).

If you have any questions or comments, the borough garage phone number is 412-824-3550 or email publicworks@eastmckeesportboro.com.


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